The Process

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designing your service

We aim to make planning your bar and drink service an easy, low stress and enjoyable part of your event planning process.  The process is simple: choose a service package, select the drinks and pick the bar(s).  We’ll guide you through the process to make sure you get the ideal bar and drink service for your special event.


Based on the information you provide us, we’ll create a custom quote that outlines a recommended approach. We then work together to refine the plan as required, resulting in a custom plan and package that’s just right for your situation. 


Often the specific details, such as the event timeline, drink selection and final guest count, aren’t known at the time of booking – this is normal.  As we get closer to the event, we’ll finalize any outstanding details and make any last minute adjustments. The goal is to get it just right.


Preparing for a professional drink service is serious business. Most events require 6-8 hours of prep. This includes purchasing ingredients, juicing fresh juice, preparing mixers & syrups, organizing staff and delivery and setup of the bar(s).


All of the planning and preparation pays off on the day of the event. We always show up early and are set up and ready to go at least one hour before guests arrive.  You can relax and have fun…we’ve got it under control.