The Bars

the bar matters

We’ve designed our bars to be eye-catching, functional and highly portable, making them great for special events.  With our collection of bars which includes a 1959 Airstream bar, a mini tap truckster (coming soon), multiple draft beer & wine bars and a range of more traditional portable bars, you can create a one-of-a-kind bar setup and drink service perfectly suited for the drink selection, party size and style of the event.  Our bar setups are equipped with everything needed to run a high quality, professional drink service.

Airstream Bar

The Airstream Bar is our flagship bar and is guaranteed to be a true statement piece at any event. When you step up to the bar you’re greeted by a seductive 7 ft wooden bar made from re-claimed oak planks recovered from an early 1900’s railway boxcar. Inside is a custom-built stainless steel worktop and sink with running water, professional grade ice well, liquor rail, hand-crafted hardwood shelving and a ridiculous amount of built-in cooler space. This custom built bar is the perfect blend of vintage styling, rustic charm and the practical functionality needed to deliver a professional drinks service.

Draft Bars

The Flying Cloud draft bars are a great way to serve your favorite drinks in style, while creating a unique experience for your guests. Our custom-designed draft systems can be set up to serve just about any selection and combination of beer, wine, Prosecco or craft cocktails. Our draft bars work great as self serve drink stations or run by bartenders.  Our draft bars are available with service or as standalone rentals. 


Our first, and still most popular, draft bar. A true statement piece.


A 2-Tap Jockey Box perfect for self-serve or behind the bar.


Setup with 3, 4 or 5 taps. Ideal for serving a variety of drinks.


4 tap beer bar crafted from re-claimed Carolina tobacco barn wood.

The Burke Bar

A beautifully chip-carved jockey box for when you want a bit of extra style.

Pop-up Bars

We’ve designed and built a range of beautiful portable bars that make it easy for anyone to have well-presented bar setup for their event. All of our bars can be used as part of our drink services or are available as standalone rentals. 




The Tap Truck

The Flying Cloud Tap Truck is a beautiful conversion of a vintage Cushman truckster. It can be set up to serve your favorite beverages on tap, including beer, wine, prosecco or cocktails. It can be set up as a self-serve drink station or staffed with a professional bartender. The Tap Truck is perfect for outdoor events and it’s small enough to fit through most double doors so it’s great for indoor events as well.